Great Furniture With Shelves

Whenever someone asks for my advice on what kind of furniture piece to buy for this room or that, my number one suggestion is to think mainly about form and function.  What purpose does this piece of furniture serve and what kind of look are you going for?  As far as looks go, I recommend choosing designs with a timeless look.  Most “transitional” furniture pieces fall into that category.

Edge Water Computer Desk with Hutch

Edge Water Computer Desk with Hutch

Transitional furniture is usually a combination of classic and modern elements, hence the name.  Unless your home has a completely modern or contemporary look to it, a piece that’s very contemporary could end up being an eyesore, and more likely, looking outdated someday.  At the same time, the straight up classic pieces can look like they were handed down from your grandmother or you found it at a garage sale.
I recently helped my best friend find a desk for her home office.  By “office” I mean a corner of her living room, since she doesn’t have a dedicated room for an office.  So our goal was to find an office desk that was compact, but still had plenty of storage, and had that timeless look so she’d still love it ten years down the line.

We ended up choosing the Edge Water computer desk because it met her entire list of criteria.  This desk is transitional in the truest sense.  It doesn’t have any flashy or trendy elements that could go out of style some day, but it still looks great.  The black finish is neutral, so it goes with everything.  It has an even balance of clean modern lines and some classic details so it really is a piece that will stand the test of time.
She’s a laptop user, so it’s perfectly sized for light computer use like internet browsing and writing emails.  There is a sliding keyboard tray, so it’s also suitable for desktop computers.  Between the hutch and two drawers, the computer desk she has plenty of storage space, but she also display photos and other nice things on the top level of the hutch.
So remember, if you’re stumbling over which desk to buy, think of this desk as an example of meeting all your needs where looks and function are concerned.

Transitional Desktop Organizer at Home or Office

Desktop Organizers have a new look, updated with beautiful materials, finishes and storage options. These new features organize and beautify your office!  The desk organizer cabinet with drawer is a great example of this new wave of office organizers!  With a truly transitional style, this desktop shelf has everything you need to keep the desk neat and tidy.  What I love about this unit is the elegant wood construction and crisp white finish.  Organizers don’t have to be unattractive.  They actually can make a desk look better and at the same keep it clean.

Desktop Organizer

desk organizer cabinet with drawer

When shopping for a desk organizer or other shelf for the office, keep the following list handy to get you started on your way to a more organized office:

•    Compartment style: This is probably the most important step in choosing a desktop organizer.  It is the backbone of the organizer itself.  So think about what you really need.  Do you have lots of small supplies like paper clips and staples?  If so you will probably want to look for a desktop organizer with a drawer, especially one that has dividers built into the drawer to keep all supplies separated.  If you want to keep printer paper in the organizer, be sure to measure the compartments to make sure one of them measures at least 9” x 11.5”
•    Style:  Don’t forget about style!  You will want to make sure that the desktop organizer is both functional for your needs, and aesthetically pleasing!  Look for every type of style out there, including contemporary, traditional, antique and many more in between.  If your office decor is a little lackluster, look for an organizer that will provide a punch of color!
•    Pricing: Obviously you want to stay within your budget but get the right organizer to fit your office storage needs.  If your budget is super tight, look for mesh metal desktop organizers which are affordable and have a modern, edgy style.

Versatile Desk Hutches

Great for organizing a large, messy office or providing more room in a small workspace, desk hutches are an easy way to gain additional storage space. Coming in a wide variety of styles, you can use it strictly for storage or find a larger shelf design that can double as display space.

desk hutches

desk hutches

When you don’t have enough space to dedicate an entire room as an office and instead have a multitasking living room or guest room it can be hard to add storage to an already crowded space. Since the hutch sits on top of the desk it doesn’t take up additional floor space you don’t have. Smaller writing desks with a low hutch make a nice addition to a child’s bedroom or guest room.

At home or at work, an office presents a number of challenges. Finding a balance between office equipment and creating a pleasant work space doesn’t have to be difficult. All you have to do is find the right desk hutch for your storage needs. Do you have a desk littered with paperwork? Look for a hutch with paper slots so you can free up desk space. Have lots of electronics to store, like a scanner or printer? Choose a larger shelf-like design that features a cord cutout in the back.

Make sure to consider exactly what kind of storage you need. If you like having everything at your fingertips then look for a hutch with open shelving the makes paperwork and office supplies easy to find. Prefer a more streamlined look? Opt for a hutch with plenty of cabinets or drawers for concealed storage that will keep your desk looking neat. When you’re office storage needs change, desks with an optional storage hutch allow you to remove the hutch making them a versatile piece of office furniture.