How to Add New Life to Tired Furniture


Stylish furniture can come with a premium cost, and when you are starting with your first or second apartment nice furniture doesn’t always fit the budget. Hitting up the local thrift stores and yard sales is a great way to obtain sturdy furniture at a fraction of the cost of buying it new, but it may not look like new. Below are some fun ideas on how to spruce up old pieces of furniture to breathe new life into your home’s decor.

Step 1. Find pieces of furniture that you like. A good rule of thumb is to look for pieces with similar styles or color patterns to coordinate the pieces together. For example, if you have a round coffee table look for round side tables with a similar look to achieve a cohesive design.

Step 2. If your acquired furniture pieces are looking a bit tired, give them a facelift with a fresh coat (or six) of paint or stain to make them look shiny and new again. This may take some time and a lot of elbow grease, but it is well worth it in the end. You can use a bright color to make the piece stand out.

Optional: Go over your fresh paint job with a piece of sandpaper to add a modern, distressed look to the piece. People pay good money for furniture to come looking pre-worn, why pay for it when you can do it yourself?


Step 3. Decorate, Decorate, Decorate!

Here is the final step. Decorate your bookcase, office desk, or other piece of furniture to add a modern flair. The sky, your wallet, and your imagination are your only limits! Here are some ideas to get you started!


Stencils aren’t only for school children anymore! Visit your local home improvement store or hobby store to find an intricate stencil that you like. Then simply tape the stencil to the piece of furniture and paint on your design. Wait for the paint to dry, remove the tape and stencil, and you have an amazing work of art to display on the side of your furniture.


Who says you can’t add a bit of color or patterns to boring wooden furniture? Remove the shelves on your bookcase and wallpaper the back with your favorite colorful design, then put it all back together for a unique decorative look. This idea is also great for a linen closet, bedroom closet, or really anything with shelves.



Use this innovative decorative technique to create an awesome looking collage on shelves, end tables, or any other piece! The decoupage process involves taking pictures, pieces of paper, or even cut-outs of magazines or comic books and gluing them onto furniture. You then go over the paper several times with varnish to protect the paper from harm while keeping them securely in place. Go online for more details.

Word Carving or Wood Burning

If you have the skills, or know someone who does, this old-fashioned decorating idea is perfect for decorating furniture pieces, wooden picture frames, or other wooden artwork in your home. You can also hire someone to do the work for you, but that may be costly depending on the extent of the work you want done to your piece.


Stick on Tile, Brick, Wood, or Stone

Are you in love with shiny tile, sophisticated brickwork, rustic looking wood, or even modern looking stone? You can use faux veneer or stick-on tile pieces to create a textured appearance to the back of your bookcase, wine cabinet, or other surface. This idea may be a bit more costly, but may be worth it for a piece you intend to keep around for a long time.

Remember, there is no wrong way to decorate your home as long as you are happy with the end result. You can always find inexpensive shelves and small furniture pieces online for a great discount so you don’t have to worry about sprucing up your furniture, only making it your own with some decorating.

Wall Mounted Display Shelf makes a Unique Wedding Gift

Summer is known for its preponderance of weddings. In fact, people often call late-spring and early-summer “Wedding Season”. For those that are in their 20s in particular, it seems this effect is heightened. That many events leaves you grasping for wedding gift ideas – especially after a dozen weddings. May I suggest thinking outside the box and gifting a wall mounted display shelf for their newlywed memories?

Of course, gifting items that are not on the registry can be a problematic decision, depending on just how much of a Bridezilla (or Groomzilla) you are dealing with. But I am confident that with the proper details, a wall mounted display shelf is a perfect gift. If you do it right, the shelf may not just be an acceptable present – it may in fact become the stand-out present from their wedding!

That might be a bit of an exaggeration. But trust me a couple’s themed wall mounted display shelf will certainly be more memorable than some oven mitts or a latex spatula.

Now that you have the idea, it is time to get to work! The first step in this wedding themed wall mounted display shelf is to purchase the materials. You are going to be gussying up this shelf, so I would recommend something simple like the Magnetic Wall Shelf. I love that this shelf is magnetic and has an easy installation – that way you don’t give the newlyweds a “chore” with your gift.

Wall Mounted Display Shelf

Add Their Initials to Give the Wall Mounted Display Shelf a Custom Touch

I think the best way to make it a personalized wall shelf is to add the couple’s initials to the shelf. That is simple and tasteful, and gives it a little personal touch. I think a shelf like this is perfect for their closet or bedroom.

So add their initials, maybe tie in some décor that relates to the couple, and there you have it! A great wedding present that is unique and personalized!

Wall Mounted Display Shelves Vs. Your Cat

Don’t get me wrong – I am definitely a huge lover of felines. Their cute little faces, eccentric quirks and playful attitude make them a joy to be around. However there is one thing about cats that drives me crazy. And that is when they get up on a shelf and start rubbing their facing against things. I cannot even begin to estimate how many nice vases, picture frames and artwork have been lost to an out-of-control cat. There is one way to keep kitties away from your valuables, and that is to use wall mounted display shelves.

Wall Mounted Display Shelves

Somebody stop that kitty!

Why wall mounted display shelves?

You see, most shelves serve almost like a ladder for your cat, allowing him or her to find a way to the summit, where they can rub their faces on all of your stuff. If there is even the slightest chance of a cat climbing up on your shelving unit, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will find a way. Cats are amazing creatures in this way – nothing gets between them and their face-rubbing.

So like I said, a great way to prevent your cat from destroying all of your precious belongings is to place them on wall mounted display shelves. These shelves are better than your typical shelving units for a variety of reasons.

First of all, they “float” on the wall, leaving no route for your cat to climb up. Unless your cat has some sort of Spiderman power, he will be completely unable to reach the pinnacle.

A second feature of wall mounted display shelves is that you can place them at any height along the wall! I know some cats that are amazing jumpers, but if you install the display shelf above a certain height, there is no way a cat is getting up there.

So if you have issues with your cat destroying all of your valuables, replacing your stand-alone shelving units with a series of wall mounted display shelves like this wall mounted glass shelf!

Fixin’ It Up with Wall Shelves

Last month I was able to achieve one of my biggest goals in life – I finally joined the ranks of so many proud Americans and became a homeowner. It took a long time to save enough money to be able to responsibly afford a nice home here in Southern California (definitely did not want to end up like so many of my fellow citizens and go underwater on my mortgage), but now that I finally was able to pull the trigger on my home I could not be more excited.

One reason I had grown tired of bouncing from apartment to apartment was simply that – I was tired of gathering all of my stuff up and piling it into a moving van year after year. The life of an apartment dweller can be pretty exhausting, especially dealing with rent increases. Another reason I am really glad to not have to answer to a management company, which almost always has ulterior motives and is just looking to get as much money out of me as possible. Similar to being your own boss, I can finally say that I am my own landlord.

But despite these nice conveniences of being a homeowner, the biggest reason I wanted to buy my own home is that I am a bit of a fixer-upper nut. I love being out in the yard or on the roof fixing up my home or giving it an added modification. With an apartment, if you so much as paint some trim or baseboards, you undoubtedly are headed down the road towards a vanished security deposit.

One of the first improvements I made to my home was increasing the storage and display space around the home. As a first-time home buyer I went the fixer-upper route and saved myself some money. Unfortunately this means the house is also as bare bones as it gets. Adding wall shelves to my home was the first step I took to add storage and display space to the walls. With a variety of materials and sizes available, I really went to town throughout the house.

My next few posts will deal specifically with the new improvements I made on my fixer-upper home and maybe you can learn a thing or two from my experience!

Using Floating Wall Shelves as an Art Gallery

Now that the kids have been back in school for a few months, I am sure a lot of my fellow parents are facing the same dilemma as I have. Art and creativity are a huge part of early childhood learning, and as a proud parent I love to put my children’s talent display whenever and however I can. The issue I run into as a father of three is that there is simply not enough refrigerator space to display all the wonderful works of art!


A wonderful example of post-modern art from my son. He calls it “Dad and Me and Dog Walking”.

One issue with using the refrigerator as your de-facto home art gallery is that the works of art tend to get food stains on them, or fall to the ground and are crumpled under the feet of a hungry kid. Additionally, my oldest has enrolled in a pottery class and there is no way to stick a paper-machete NBA star to the refrigerator.

One great way to add a little bit of display space to the home is to install a floating wall shelf. These are great options for displaying smaller items because they do not take up floor space, which most tables and shelves have been known to do.

What is great about wall shelves is that they can also add a touch of décor to the room. Personally, my home has a Mid-Century modern interior theme, so finding something that was sophisticated and contemporary was important. The Vicksburg Floating Wall Shelf worked perfectly for what I was looking for – it has a sleek, floating style plus it can support 15 pounds of weight, the perfect amount for displaying children’s arts and crafts.

Vicksburg Floating Shelf in Espresso.

Now my home has become a virtual art-gallery for squiggly abstract drawings and deformed cubist-style NBA star statues!

The Best Storage For Your CDs

Any music lover needs just the right storage for their serious CD collection and electronics. A rack that puts each CD on display with a convenient, but stylish design is a must have for the living room. A spinning design is the easiest way to make each CD accessible in a large collection. Storing media center equipment is another must have for any movie or music lover.

612 Revolving CD Rack

612 Revolving CD Rack

Holding over 300 CDs the CD Rack – Spinner 336 is a great choice for storing music. With a wood finish this rack has a casual look, making it perfect for living room décor. This spinner can also be used to store up to 160 DVDs or 80 VHS, making this organizer a must have for any media center. Simply place it next to your TV or audio system.

For even more storage try the 612 Revolving CD Rack. Holding almost twice the CDs, this rack makes your entire collection easy to access. Individual compartments make it easy to sort and organize CDs. Coming in a variety of finishes, this rack can be coordinated with existing living room furniture.

When it comes to storing audio equipment look for storage that suits your needs and décor. Use your audio equipment on a daily basis? Consider using easy to access, open shelving that makes controlling equipment with a remote a breeze. Don’t want to have your entire media center on display? Consider media centers with concealed storage like cabinets that can be left open when in use and closed to cover everything up when not being used.

Having the right storage makes it that much easier to enjoy your media center and create an enjoyable space to relax. Keeping everything in it’s place, you can always find the CD or DVD you’re looking for.

Milan Mantle Shelf – Great Storage Versatility

Wall mounted shelves are an easy way to create a decorative display space in any room of the home. Taking up so little space, these shelves can provide storage as well. Rooms without a lot of free floor space can be difficult to decorate, a wall shelf in the entryway paired with a wall rack can be used to display photos and smaller items. Look for one with a molding design like the Milan mantle shelf to create a traditional look.

the milan mantle shelf

the milan mantle shelf

Another small room that can be hard to add storage to is the bathroom. A wall mounted shelf offers convenient storage for all the toiletries you use everyday. Try a deeper, glass shelf that can stand up to bathroom humidity. You could even keep one by the tub for bath salts and wash clothes. Several shelves can be used over the toilet as an alternative to an over the toilet etagere.

Adding style and easy to access storage in the kitchen can be a challenge. With little free wall space a narrow wall shelf can be used to store things like salt and pepper that you want on hand while you’re cooking. Mix in some decorative touches to bring some personal style to your kitchen.

Larger rooms can also benefit from additional display space. Use shelves with a built in ridge for displaying plates or frames in the dining room as an alternative to large china cabinets. Create a unique look in the living room by using several wall shelves to create an easy to change wall display. Rather than hanging frames, simply place them on the shelves. When you want to change the look, frames can easily be rearranged.

A wall mounted shelf is a quick and easy way to create a versatile display area that looks great with any decor!

Stainless Steel Newspaper Holder Creates a Modern Look

Even the largest bathrooms can end up looking cluttered and messy. The best way to and end each day is in a soothing space. Creating a clean looking bathroom can be as easy the accessories you choose to fill it with. The right organizational tools and style can make bathrooms big and small look sleek.

stainless steel newspaper holder

stainless steel newspaper holder

Modern accessories, like a frameless mirror or floating shower caddy, are an easy way to create a streamlined bathroom look. Keep magazines neatly stored in the stainless steel newspaper holder to cut down on bathroom clutter. With a single sheet of stainless steel along the front to conceal magazines this holder creates an uncluttered look.

Wall mounted designs are an ways way to gain storage without taking up counter space. Try a wall mounted hairdryer or toothbrush holder for a clean and convenient look. The less storage you have directly on your counters, the easier they are to clean. Wall mounted liquid and bar soap dispensers are another was to save space, both by the sink and in the shower.

The shower can end up filled with almost empty shampoos. Keeping bottles and sponges contained within one shower caddy is the best way to keep the shower looking tidy. Find a caddy with enough room for your toiletries that has a simple design to keep the shower neat. Having one designated area for everything is an easy way to gauge just how many bottles you need in the shower and what can go.

Concealed storage is the easiest way to keep the bathroom looking clutter free. An over the toilet etagere is the ideal storage solution for bathrooms of any size. Choose a cabinet without glass doors to store medicine or toiletries. Use a larger cabinet for easy access to bathroom linens.

Keeping the bathroom serene is one easy way to make your home a restful place.

Floating Wall Shelves As Kitty Perches?

Throughout my lifetime, I have put wall mounted shelves to a multitude of good uses.  Most people use wall shelves to display photos and candles; they make a great substitute for a fireplace mantel if you do not have one.  It seems like in the last few years, “floating” shelves are the most popular kind of wall mount shelf.  I like them because they’re simplistic looking and you don’t have brackets getting in the way of lower shelves.

I once created a play area for my indoor cat with wall shelves.  First, I made sure that they could hold the weight and pressure of the cat jumping onto them.  Then of course I mounted them properly into studs so they would not come crashing down on the cat!  I arranged them staggered vertically up the wall so she could jump from level to level.  And I covered the floating shelves in carpet so she could comfortably take a nap on them, and it helped keep her stable when jumping around.  This “kitty jungle gym” I created from wall shelves was much more of a success than the expensive climber I’d bought her, as it gave her much more space and options to play!

wood floating wall shelf by ennovage

wood floating wall shelf by ennovage

Most recently, I got creative in my studio apartment.  My bed is placed on the longest wall facing the rest of the room, and I didn’t want my whole place to look so “bedroomy” so I created a wall shelving unit surround my bed with these particular wood floating wall shelves by ennovage.  I don’t have a headboard, so the shelves around my bed serve a lot of purposes.  They’re my headboard, my nightstands, and display all of my room’s eye-candy objects like framed artwork and figurines that I’ve collected.

My kitchen is also a little small and with just one cabinet over the sink, there wasn’t enough room for food and dishes.  So, I mounted a bigger shelf underneath the cabinet and over the sink to hold my dishes.  It looks very modern and chic!

I encourage anyone with space issues to get inspired and discover all the awesome ways you can store and display with wall shelves too!

Streamline Your Space With A Semi-Circle Glass Wall Shelf

Using pieces that have modern style and storage is an easy way to streamline any space. Many traditional display options tend to feature molding and a more elaborate, traditional design. Opting for a sleeker design is a good way to create an updated look for displaying any collection.

For a modern design look for pieces made of glass or metal with a shiny finish. Clean lines allow what is being displayed to take center stage, so the piece can act as a frame. Glass is also a good way to allow pieces to be seen from almost every angle.

semi-circle glass wall shelf

semi-circle glass wall shelf

Create a unique look anywhere in your home with the semi-circle glass wall shelf. With little showing hardware, this shelf has a floating effect that gives it an extra modern touch. Easy install and durable design allows this piece to be moved throughout the home so you can use it anywhere. Create visual interest by using a few of these shelves in a stacked or layered pattern on one wall.

Turn the traditional display hutch on it’s head by choosing a modern piece that presents any collection in style. Consider a modern shelf as another way to store a collection that doesn’t need to be protected from dust. A bookcase with shelves or cubbies that vary in size allow them to have individual slots so it looks like custom shelving. A TV stand with built in shelving is a great way to incorporate favorite photographs or other items into your living room.

Choosing a contemporary display option allows your favorite pieces to be the focus, while the case blends stylishly into the background and in with your decor. For a bolder look, modern wood shelving is another great option that can create a unique look with unexpected shapes. With so many options, it’s easy to find a piece perfect for any home or any space!