Shelf Organization for the Cramped Dorm Room

It’s already mid-August, and you college students know it is time to start getting ready for dorm life! Whether you are a returning student or a first time fresh-person, you will need to stock up on storage and organization accessories, and stat! One of the best ways to be organized in the dorm is to have the proper shelf organization.

Dorms are not exactly well-known for their spacious accommodations. One of the keys to enjoying dorm life is to find the hidden storage opportunities around the room. A great way to increase your shelf organization space is an under-mounted shelf! These unique shelves basically are screwed onto the bottom side of a flat surface. This adds a convenient place to organize paperwork and other smaller items.

For those that are looking to organize books and paperwork in a more visible way, the Cardboard Magazine File is a must-have shelf organization piece. This durable but lightweight file is perfect for organizing magazines, books and papers in a vertical fashion. This file fits onto a shelf and is a great addition to a desk or closet shelf.

Shelf Organization

If you want to save shelf space for more important items, use the Modular Cube Storage system for catch-all storage. These cubes and drawers are perfect for everything from clothing to linens to foodstuffs! These versatile shelves are just the thing you need for the dorm, providing easy-to-access and convenient storage in any setting.

Shelf Organization

With these helpful suggestions for dorm shelf organization, you will have no problem keeping it together this year. Now you can save time searching for items and use that time to study even more! Nothing feels better than totally blowing the curve for everyone else because you had the most study time. Use these easy and helpful storage suggestions to get a leg ahead of everyone else!

A Well Thought Out Dorm Room – Closet Shelf Organizers

It’s not too late to get organized in the dorm room.  Maybe your child has just moved in and realized that she didn’t have quite everything she needed from the get go to stay neat and tidy.  One thing many people forget when planning to move into the dorms are closet shelf organizers.  They come in a wide range of styles, and they are really the icing on the cake when it comes to achieving an organized dorm room.  Closet shelf organizers either sit on or mount to the existing closet shelf that is found over the closet rod.  They can also be used on other shelves though too, such as a linen closet.  The main purpose of these handy organizers is to keep clothing in the right place, and reduce the amount that spills on the closet floor!

Shelf Dividers - Set of 4

Shelf Dividers – Set of 4

Here are some of my favorite styles and how to use them:
Slide On Dividers – these slide right onto the shelves and stand upright, no mounting required.  They are great for dividing up stacks of sweaters, jeans, t-shirts and other foldables.  This set of 4 shelf dividers has a modern look and is ultra-durable, so it can be used for many years (and many living situations) to come.
Stacking Bins – These usually have an open front for easy access, and since they are enclosed on three sides, they are perfect for accessories and smaller items like socks, scarves, purses and even flip-flops and flats.
Extra Shelves – small wire shelves that are freestanding are great for placing on the closet shelf.  They divide up the space vertically, allowing you to access clothes without a whole pile tumbling down on top of you.
Baskets – Have an extra basket lying around the house?  Use it on top of the closet shelf to keep your loose accessories contained.
A little organization goes a long way when dealing with tight spaces!

Double Duty Shelves – A Dorm Room Must Have

Sure you’ve got plenty of books to store, but when it comes to decorating a dorm or apartment having furniture that can do double duty is a must! Bookshelves are a versatile storage choice that make it easy to find furniture that has two functions in one.

Madison 6 Section Storage Rack - Rolling

Madison 6 Section Storage Rack – Rolling

Shelving that is easy to move, like the Madison 6 Section Storage Rack – Rolling makes it easy to rearrange furniture. That means this shelf can be placed at the foot of the bed one day and used as a room divider the next.

Make your nightstand into a bookshelf as well and you’ll always have required reading close at hand. The Modlife Lucerne Modular Shelf has a compact design that allows this shelf to grow with your book collection, but is also compact enough to use as a nightstand.

Add visual interest to any room with the 4-Tier A-Frame Shelf. This shelf is the perfect place to store books or display photos. The open design gives this bookshelf an airy feel, perfect for a smaller room where you don’t want to have heavy pieces of furniture to take over the room. This short bookshelf can also be used for media storage, simply place a flat screen TV on the top shelf!

Need a place to toss your keys by the front door? Add the X-Text Bookcase to the entryway and use the top as an entry table while the shelves below can be used to store books. With a modern, streamlined look this shelf is another light and airy option ideal for a compact space.

Bookshelves aren’t just for books. A shelf with built in baskets like the 4 Basket Storage Shelf provides concealed storage that comes in handy everywhere from the living room to the bathroom.

Any one of these shelves would be a great choice for adding storage to any space. Visit our back to school shopping guide for more dorm room essentials.

Dorm Room Shopping Tips

When you are preparing to send a child away to college for the first time, there is a lot of planning that is required. Nobody wants to be the parent that sends their children woefully ill prepared to live away from home for the first time, having to mooch off of their roommates just to get by. Often what happens is parents send their kids to college with way too much stuff, and then the dorm room ends up looking like a monsoon hit it.

wire shelf dividers

wire shelf dividers

Of course, it is better to be safe than sorry, and I would recommend erring on the side of sending too much stuff with your child, but also send them with ample organizational items. This will help avoid having them shove everything under the bed or even worse, just shove it in the closet or leave things on the floor.

One must-have for the dorm room is a good, spacious laundry hamper, preferably on wheels and with a lid. The lid is a necessity because it keeps the laundry in the basket, and not all over the floor. The wheels are a great accessory because they make wheeling the hamper when it full of dirty clothes significantly easier.

Another great organizational accessory is an item for closet shelves. Adding wire shelf dividers is an excellent way to split up the space of a larger shelf. These are the perfect items for a dorm, because often two or three students need to share one large shelf. This just makes it much easier to delineate the space.

A final accessory that is perfect for dorms is under bed storage bins. These bins are great for college dorms because usually the beds in dorms are elevated to accommodate extra storage. With a clear bin, your child will have a great place to store extra linens, notebooks and writing utensils, fall / spring clothing (depending on the season), dry foods and snacks – really any smalls items. This helps clear out what little drawer and shelf space is in the dorm and keeps the place tidier.