Folding Shelves for Record Storage

I am a total music geek; I cannot get enough new bands or artists and am constantly purchasing new music to discover. My favorite format for listening to music is hands-down a vinyl record played on an old-school record player. The sounds are so warm yet crisp, making you feel as if you are in the recording room with the band as they are playing.

Unfortunately, I am not made of money (and what money I do have goes to records!) so I live in a pretty cramped one bedroom apartment. The biggest downside for records (and partially the reason for their fade from prominence for a few years) is that they are big, bulky, hard to store and you cannot listen to them in the car or on the go. This issue is magnified by my small home, to the point which I had cardboard box upon cardboard box full of records and stack up on each other.

One of the best ways to create an organized space for storing your records is using a folding shelf. What is great about this type of shelf is that not only does it provide exceptional and secure storage for your vinyl; it also can be folded down for easy transport. This makes it perfect for the transient record-collectors among us.

I would recommend using a soft wood shelf to store your records over a sturdier metal shelf, for a variety of reasons. First off, one thing every record collector has to understand is the damaging effects extreme temperatures can have on vinyl – metal has this annoying tendency to absorb the extreme heat or cold, transferring that to your records and potentially damaging them. The other reason is that metal can be very sharp or have very hard angles, which can damage the gatefold of your records.

By using a wood shelf to store my records I have been able to secure a lot more space in my living room and get my records organized so it is easy to find them right away.

A Folding Bookcase For a Wandering Wordsmith

When looking for a Christmas gift for my best friend this season, I found myself searching for a unique but functional present. We have been very good friends for quite a few years now after meeting together in college while we studied writing. Unfortunately I am not able to see my friend all that often anymore as he is constantly traveling due to his employment situation. It is hard to get a feel for what someone is into and wants as a gift when you only see them once a year or so.

About two years ago he was hired on as a contract screenwriter and now he is constantly moving from city to city, spending about six months in each location before moving on to the next project and city. You may or may not know that contract screenwriters do not make a ton of money, and have to live in fairly tight quarters, often in very expensive cities in which the films are produced.

With that living situation in mind and the knowledge that my friend is one of the most avid comic book collectors I have ever met, I knew what the perfect gift would be for my friend. Whenever he moves, all of the comic books, graphic novels and collectibles come with him, which can be quite a hassle when you are trying to move as quickly as possible.

The perfect gift for my friend and his comic collection is a folding bookcase. What makes this unique type of bookcase perfect for my friend is that is provides enough storage for all of his books when he is settled in the apartment, but when it is time to move the bookcase folds down compact for easy packing. Three tiers provide plenty of storage for the comic book collection, and a solid wood construction means that it has a long-lasting quality.

Folding Bookcase

Whether it is for a gift of just for you, a folding shelf is a great choice for the home. In fact, I liked the shelf I got my friend so much, I bought one for my own home!

Finding The Right Garage Shelves For Your Storage Needs

Feel like you’re running out of storage space in the house? The garage can be a great place to gain much needed storage space, all you need is to find the right garage shelves. In order to still be able to park cars in the garage it’s key that shelving be deep enough to hold whatever it is that needs storing, but narrow enough that it doesn’t stick out too much. For heavy duty storage it’s also important to have heavy duty shelving to match.

garage shelves

Wooden Shelf

Durable and versatile, this  wood shelf can be used everywhere from the pantry to the garage. This unfinished wood shelf can be customized with a stain to match the kitchen if added to the pantry. Adjustable shelves allow this shelf to be customized to suit various storage needs, everything from gardening supplies to tools.

garage shelves

5 Shelf Storage Rack

Looking for a more heavy duty version? The Metal Shelf with wood panels has a durable metal construction that can stand up to anything from sporting goods to camping equipment. This shelf also has adjustable shelves and the added bonus of particle board shelves that unlike wire shelves don’t let items slip through. This shelf would be great anywhere from the workshop to the garage.

garage shelves

General Purpose Origami Shelf

When you’re not looking for permanent storage the unique folding shelf offers space when it’s needed and itself is easy to store when not in use. This shelf can be moved to wherever it is needed, making it a convenient choice. Set on casters this shelf is easy to move when in use and easy to slide into place when folded flat.

Whether you need permanent or short term heavy duty storage it’s easy to find a shelf that suits your garage storage needs. In no time at all the garage will be organized!

The Wonders of Folding Bookcases – By C.G. Roxane

ave you ever had the need for a bookcase in your home? Everyone certainly has, but how about a book case that can be broken down in mere seconds, transported, and then reassembled with ease? Yes, it’s possible, and I’ve discovered how – A folding bookcase.

The world of folding bookcases was unknown to me, perhaps it is to you. But once you research the incredible benefits of a terrific “folder”, you’ll be amazed you hadn’t heard of them sooner. Everyone should consider adding a folding bookcase or two to their homes! I selected a classic 4 tier corner bookcase for my condo, and it’s worked wonders to add visual flair and intrigue to my standard, run-of-the-mill decor. It actually worked so well, I’ve decided to use them in every room in the house. I’m creating a library comprised of wood bookcases that can be folded!

Folding Bookcases

Folding Bookcases

They are so strong! My 3 tier folding bookcase, which I purchased at Stacks and Stacks at a very reasonable price, is constructed of bamboo, which is just great. It looks like regular wood, but it’s just really so much better. What is so great about collapsible, folding bookcases is that they are always generally readily available in many different colors, and constructed of many different materials, perfect for all the different rooms in my home!

Next, installation! It’s incredibly easy. When I installed my folding bookcase, I thought it would fall apart — how could something that is folded flat ever become a bookcase that could carry my have tomes and noels — but it did. Boy did it! In fact, you’re free to place anything you want on these powerful bookshelves, from houseplants to picture frames to candles! The options are limitless!

I did not think it would be possible, but I added a folding bookcase to my home!

You can too.

Folding Shelves Are The Solution

Folding Shelves

Folding Shelves

Last time I moved, I had all my stuff shipped freight across the whole country. After three days sleeping on a yoga mat at my old place, a week in a tiny hotel room with no kitchen and three more days on the floor in my new apartment, I was yearning for peace and comfort in familiar surroundings.

When my things finally arrived, I didn’t care that I had to unpack and organize for hours on end, I just wanted to recreate that tranquil harbor I had back in New York. Unfortunately, some things didn’t make it in one piece. I suspect they had my stuff come on a six-horse carriage over the mountains, through the rocky deserts and across a few rivers.

It took two weeks, you know. Of course, I had shipping insurance, but those guys were sly. They specifically listed all particle board items as not covered due to “inherent weakness of materials.” That took care of my now three-legged computer desk, my cracked entryway table and my two bookcases, which were completely destroyed.

So much for getting a break on shipping costs.

I was mostly devastated about the bookshelves, because they had tons of storage space and once looked pretty sleek. I soon realized that I was definitely going to move out of this always cold and damp apartment in no more than a year, so I needed to find a solution to the moving issue once and for all.

I did some research and decided to opt for collapsible furniture made of solid wood. While big wooden dining tables, armoires and futons would generally cost an arm and a leg, things like folding shelves were refreshingly affordable at Stacks and Stacks and still looked like a million bucks. I now appreciate the ease with which I can rearrange my living room without having to ask anybody for help. I also love the fact that I finally have some quality pieces to my name. Last but not least, when the time comes to move again, the experience will be a lot more pleasant.