The Circus is Fun! The Circus is Great! The Circus has Shelves!

My fondest memories in life are of the circus! Oh, the wondrous time I spent crashing through the mud-pooled, rain-soaked fairgrounds, wandering aimlessly in and out of the giant candy-colored tent, watching the thrilling three-ring spectacle inside as well as the fun and enlightening activity outside. With clowns and all the nice program salespersons. Shelves are very nice, and shelves hold a very special place in my heart, but my goodness, is there anything more interesting or special than the circus? No, I think not. And it can’t just be that young children are interested in the circus – why else would adults work there? I think adults love the circus, too. I do, and I’m an adult. Here’s a secret, a secret you long-time readers may not believe, but is 100 percent true, and real: when I was younger, I actually thought about joining the circus! I was seriously thinking about leaving behind my love of shelves and organization, and becoming a circus clown! Or maybe an acrobat! Or maybe the Ringleader! Well, of course I didn’t, I decided to spend my time here on earth writing about shelves. Shelves Blog. Did I make the right choice? I don’t know.  Who knows? Often times people who know of my ancient aspiration wonder why I chose shelves and organization and blog over the circus. Well, it probably had a lot to do with the fact that a circus bear ate my parents. But I’ll never get over the wonderful childlike wonder that fills my senses when I come across neat shelves that remind me of the circus, not unlike this amazing Kids Bookcase – Circus Theme – MDF from the website Stacks and Stacks.

If your child is captivated by the circus like I am and was and still am, you’ll simply love the amazing Kids Bookcase – Circus Theme! If they love the clowns, and animals, and all the fun that the circus entails, there’s no better choice to make than to make the choice to purchase this amazing bookcase. You’ll be giving your little ringmaster a piece of furniture they will truly love when you purchase them this bookcase! This bookcase is pitch perfect for storing and organizing your child’s favorite chapter-books, picture-books, puzzle-books, maybe games, certainly CDs and so, so more! In these dark day, the bookcase’s brightly colored case gives your child a fun way to organize their things! MDF construction means it’s as tough as a lifetime carnie, and durable to the last. The best way to show your child the Greatest Show On Earth may in fact just be to purchase this wonderful Kids Bookcase – Circus Theme – MDF. It’s tops! And so on.

The Kids Bookcase – Circus Theme – MDF.  Completely Recommended.