Sturdy Shelves for Post-Holiday Storage

For those that have either finished off their holiday season or are in the very late stages of the holidays, you should give yourself a pat on the back! Yet another stressful season of giving and receiving has come and gone, and you have gotten through it with style and grace.

Of course now that it is over comes the least fun part of the entire season, clean up time. And as a prepared individual I am sure you have done a great job of purchasing all of the necessary holiday storage accessories to put away ornaments, doilies, wreaths, trees and more!

But maybe you are running into a whole other kind of storage issue – you have a place to keep your decorations, but do you have a place to keep those storage items? Sometimes we think we have done the proper planning ahead, only to bring the storage bins and cases into the garage, attic, basement or closet and find there is absolutely no shelf space available for these items.

Often holiday storage accessories are great for keeping your decorations in good shape and keeping elements like dust and moisture away, but have a bulky design that ends up taking too much space. However, they often have a stackable design and a sturdy interior “skeleton” so you can pile them up on shelves.

I would recommend looking into garage storage shelves to keep your holiday storage items neat and organized. There are a wide variety of shelves on the market, from durable metal-frame shelves that are great for large amounts of storage, down to smaller shelves that are good for closets and other tight areas.


With these storage solutions for the garage, closet or anywhere else in the home, you will not only keep those areas organized, it will also be much easier to quickly find all of your holiday decorations next year, making set-up as easy as possible.

Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings from Shelves Blog Dot Com!

I just wanted to take a moment and wish everyone the best. The very best. A warm, rousing, and festive Holidays Season for all. Thanks for making SHELVES BLOG DOT COM a success, and I look forward to sharing even more shelving innovations with you in the New Year. Cheers!


The Season is for Giving and Smiles and Happiness.

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Did Elves Build These Shelves?

Brr, it’s cold out there. Must mean it’s December! Just in time for Christmas and the Holidays, all those families, décor enthusiasts and craft trendsetters tend to break out the Holiday decorations. And really, is there anything more soothing and heartwarming than the sweet sight of a full-tilt Holiday-style shelf? Tis the season!

Shelves play a integral part of holiday decorations. Besides hanging ornaments on a tree or lights on a roof or decorations in a windowsill, placing your favorite holiday knick-knacks on a shelf is a great way to show your holiday spirit. Wall shelves are perfect for the job. In fact, wall shelves are perfect for ANY style knick-knacks! Even Seaside styled knick-knacks:

You should consider getting in on the fun! This great 36” Floating Wall Shelf from our friends at STACK AND STACKS is a terrific way to get all your Holiday cheer up on the wall for all to enjoy. It’s easy to install, sturdy, and totally professional looking!

In fact, almost anything goes on this great wall shelf… but make sure you draw the line at snow. Everyone is dreaming of a White Christmas, but no one wants to deal with a soggy shelf. Snow belongs outside. This great shelf belongs on your wall.