Storage Space Organization Ideas To Maximize Efficiency

If you have been keeping up with my posts on Shelves Blog lately, you would be aware of the fact I am in the process of moving to a new apartment. In fact, I have finished moving and now am in the process of getting organized in the new home. Although my wife and I moved into a two bedroom over our previous one bedroom, we did not gain a whole lot of square footage. However we were given a storage cube in the basement of the building. Here are a few storage space organization ideas I came up with while trying to figure out how to best utilize this bonus storage area.

Not all apartments provide the luxury of having a mini “storage locker” on the premises. While the 4 foot wide by four foot deep by 6 feet tall cube is not exactly enormous, it does provide some great storage opportunities. Storage space organization can be a bit of a dicey proposition, because if you are not careful the storage items end up costing you more space than the save.

The first idea for storage space organization is utilizing storage totes, such as the 20 Gallon Latch Tote from Sterilite. This is especially helpful if you want to store a whole lot of smaller items. Instead of piling them in bags or something else, these stackable totes are a great way to keep them safe and organized. The totes are made from plastic, which provides better protection from dust and moisture than, say a cardboard box.

Storage Space Organization

If you are looking to store items that you need to be able to access, a small shelf such as the Pine Stacking Shelf is a perfect storage space organization tool. This shelf is made from sturdy solid wood and offers a variety of storage surfaces for your garage needs. I use it to store our toolbox and other heavy chemicals we do not want to keep in the home.

Storage Space Organization

Even though these are very simple touches for an additional storage area, they really can make a big different. It is very important to keep storage space organization in mind. That way your storage cube does not become a big pile of “stuff” that you just keep adding to.

Does Your Locker Have The Right Stuff?

Whether you have a locker at the gym or at school, it’s easy for such a small storage space to get out of hand. If you always find yourself digging through your locker to find something, or open it only to have items fall out it’s time to get organized! By adding locker shelves you can ensure that everything has it’s place so items are easy to find.
When trying to keep binders and books organized a product like the 9″ Double Locker Shelf doubles shelf space. Simply slide this shelf into your locker and instantly gain storage space. This easy to install shelf is durable enough to stand up to heavy weight text books, making it a great choice for the school locker. For a custom storage solution the LockerOrganizer provides an adaptable design that allows this set of two shelves to be positioned where they’re needed while expanding to fit the width of the locker. This way shelving can be moved around from semester to semester so books will always fit.

LockerOrganizer - Set of 2

LockerOrganizer – Set of 2

For the ultimate in locker storage add the Locker Organizer – Hanging Shelves. With three shelves and lots of pockets this organizer has a place for everything. Use it at school for storing books and school supplies or use it in the locker room for storing sporting equipment and water bottles. The large shelves provide plenty of room for storing uniforms or shoes. Simply sliding over a shelf this organizer only takes a second to install.

Locker Organizer - Hanging Shelves

Locker Organizer – Hanging Shelves

Whatever you’re storing in your locker there is sure to be shelving you can add to make that tiny space easier to use. Whether you choose a shelf with plastic construction or a hanging mesh organizer, these are all easy to clean choices. All these locker storage options are easy to install, also making them easy to remove when it comes time to graduate!

Organization Is Key For School Success

High school is one of the most important times of a young person’s life. The lessons that are made and learned during the high school years are some of the most important and life-trajectory setting that will occur in his or her life. Staying organized through high school is a very important routine for adolescents, as it gets them in a good habit for when they are off on their own in college.

One way to keep your student organized in high school is to provide ample storage and organization accessories for their locker, desk or backpack. There are a wide variety of locker accessories that makes staying organized a breeze.

There are a variety of organizational tools for lockers, from shelves that divide up the locker space and increase the efficiency, to magnetic baskets that keep pens and pencils close-by at all times, and even a memo pad that allows your high school child to have a written schedule right at his or her locker.

9" Double Locker Shelf

9″ Double Locker Shelf

Using a locker shelf is a must for anyone in middle school or high school that needs to improve their storage space. Whether you have a large locker or a smaller locker, adding a 9” double locker shelf or a 12” double locker shelfis a great way to increase the efficiency of the locker. These shelves have a folding leg that makes it easy to install and remove at the end of the year. Best of all, they can be re-used over and over again for the length of your child’s high school career.

Stainless Steel Magnet Pocket

Stainless Steel Magnet Pocket

Most lockers are made from metal, so a great way to add organization is to use a magnetic basket or bin for pens, pencils and other classroom essentials that always end up getting lost. Nothing is worse for a student to arrive at school and realize they did not bring a pen or pencil to take notes. Using a basket such as the stainless steel magnet pocket makes it easy for your student to store writing utensils and grab one before class starts, so they will always be able to take notes!

Finally, if your child is involved in after school activities or just has a complicated class schedule, adding a magnetic memo center is the perfect way for your ensure he or she knows where to go, every day! He or she can use this memo pad to write down their weekly schedule and avoid any confusion. This memo pad has a white-board surface as well as a slot for storing paperwork and more writing utensils.

Ensure your child puts his or her best foot forward in the high school years, these days every year counts and every class counts. Being prepared is the best way to ensure a bright future for your young adult!

Folding Locker Shelves Save Lunch

It’s a classic high school cliche- the shrimpy freshman gets stuffed into a locker by the big bad jocks, of course in front of the sweet but popular crush of the freshman. The tragedy of these situations is that it could be easily prevented by one simple addition to the freshman’s locker. But what is this one little item that allows you prevent such an embarrassing, life altering event from even occurring in the first place? Not to give it away – but it is locker shelves.

Whether it is in high school, at college, working out at the gym or even hard at work in the office, lockers never seem to have the right amount of storage for anyone’s needs. The lockers are very efficient at storing long, narrow objects such as hockey sticks, shoulder pads, or a baseball bat. But when it comes to short, squat items, what could possibly be the solution?

Double Locker Shelves

Well I have the answer to both of these dilemmas and it is a much easier solution than anyone could expect it to be. This folding set of double locker shelves instantly provides double the storage to your locker, plus they get in the way, making your locker impossible to be stuffed into, even by the most dastardly of bullies! Made from sturdy metal wire mesh, these shelves conveniently fit right into most lockers. If necessary, stack the two included shelves in your locker for triple the storage capacity!

With Locker Shelves Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

With these simple stacking mesh metal locker shelves, you will not have to worry about a smooshed lunch because your files fell onto it; or find your books disheveled and the pages all crinkled because there was a mini avalanche in your locker between classes. You will also not have to worry about a smooshed ego because you are stuck in a locker and the bell just rang for winter break.
Get these locker shelves and end your frustrations with locker stuffing, falling items, or both!

A Happy Shelves Blog Valentines, from my sister Jennifer:

First of all! I’d like to thank Richard for giving me the chance to write a web article about shelves. During my senior year, I was editor of the HVHS paper, and I’ve always loved writing. So, this feels like a great chance to get back into the world of journalism – thanks big bro!

Everything I know about shelving, I learned from Richard. Without Richard, I wouldn’t have known that shelves are the most important aspect of a home. Did you know that shelves make great wedding presents, as well as baby shower presents? I can verify it as 100% true! Take a look at the shelves that Richard has given me over the years.

This is a perfect replica of the locker organizer shelf system that Richard gave me for my 16th birthday! Isn’t this just the coolest? Man, I felt like the most popular girl in school with this one. I had plenty of space for my school books, my bonne bell lip gloss, and my Lisa Frank notebooks. I think this locker organizer made me a better student!

Oooh! This is the Wall Sconce Set that Richard got my hubby and I for our wedding! Aren’t these just the cutest? It’s funny, even though we didn’t register for any shelves, Richard caught that oversight, and got us this set of shadowbox shelves. That’s my brother – always thinking (about shelves!)(just kidding)(but I’m not!)

Here’s the Puzzle Bookshelf that Richard got for my kids last Christmas! Isn’t this just the greatest? It’s like something Tom Hanks would have invented in Big! Plus, these shelves can be separate shelves, or you can fit them together to have a 2 or 3 tier shelf. Richard got this for the kids, because he said it’d be a fun game for the kids to take the shelf apart, and then rebuild it.
Well, that concludes my article about shelves! Thanks for reading, everyone in the blogosphere!